Saturday, January 07, 2006

Swatch Watch

So, lesson #1 -- when you buy a lot of yarn, you have to take it home. That's not even all of it, mind you. There's another bag of leftovers from holiday presents to go in, as well as my carry-on knitting.

At least I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.

This is a swatch on US 8 needles of the Karaoke yarn. When I watched the swatch, it released some dye, so be careful washing it for the first time with other yarns. I love the yarn, though. It feels like 100% silk while knitting (very nice), and the finished product is soft, fluffy, and drapes incredibly. I didn't quite get gauge, and I don't want to move up a needle size -- the knit is airy enough already. Luckily, the math shouldn't be too hard when working on the pattern. (Why yes, this is my first sweater. Why do you ask?)

I'm not 100% sure about these swatches, though. The smoother yarn is for the ribbing on my Bastardized Noro (up to the waist, cuffs, turtleneck), the more boucle will be in stockinette across the top and arms. I haven't worn navy blues for a long time and I'm having trouble picturing the end result. I'd welcome any suggestions...

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