Saturday, January 14, 2006

Playing catch-up

Sorry I haven't updated in a bit, but my home net has been dropping packets. Lots of packets. Somewhere between 30-80% of packets. This means that I've been struggling to do anything, and updating has been pretty much impossible.

First, I'll note that the sock has expanded a bit since you last saw it. I'll also note that I think I overcompensated for my V-is-not-for-victory sock. The ribbing will help, of course, but when I'm finished with these socks, I'm going to use them to estimate a more reasonable size for my socks. I swear, these next ones are going to be Just Right. Of course, the next ones may use DK-weight yarn, but we'll ignore that little complication.

Zippy is now at the point where I need to do some more math. Unfortunately, this math is rather different from the math that I do pretty much all day, every day. No, this is the arithmetic kind of math. Here's a fun experiment for you: take your local math geek (the more Ph.D.-level mathematics s/he's taken, the better), and ask them to do something that any 3rd grader can do, like add or multiply. In most cases, you'll find that the geek has spent so much time with abstract algebra that s/he can no longer do the regular kind without a lot of grunting. I have several theories why this is the case, which may be explained in depth if I get stuck on the very simple math for this very simple sweater.

I've been cranking along on Krista's delayed holiday present. I'll post some pictures soon, once I finish it and block it into submission.

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