Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yielding to the demands of the Supermerino, I swatched. If anyone's curious, I got a gauge of 7 sts/in on #3 bamboos. (Washing didn't change this.) I decided to use a toe-up sock pattern for this pair, because I'm not sure how far 50g of DK-weight merino will go in a sock for me. I hadn't made a short-row toe before.

Problem #1: The pattern doesn't tell you how to pick up the wraps on your short rows.
Solution #1: Video on making short rows
Problem with semi-solution #1: This video doesn't tell you jack about how to pick up wraps from two different directions.
Solution #2: Rip out toe. Try again.
Problem #2: Inability to figure out how to effectively how to reinforce a toe with Wooly Nylon without knitting it right in. (Note that Wooly Nylon is serger thread, and you will not find it in the yarn section with the crochet thread, as I thought.)
Solution #2: Rip out toe. Try again.
Problem #3: Toe still doesn't look quite right (see closeup).
Solution #3: Look on the internet to find different toes for toe-up socks and pictures to go with short-row toes. Note that I still have no explanation of how to pick up the freaking wraps when they come from both sides. Consider ripping out the toe and using the yarn-over method.
Problem #4: Toe still doesn't look quite right.
Solution #5: Struggle to stop caring so much. Fail. Finally find a short-row tutorial with clear pictures (that look quite a bit like the method that came to me in the middle of the night). Rip out the toe again.

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  1. My favorite toe-up toe, comes from a free Elann pattern. ( It makes a nice tight, neat toe. My short rows are sloppy and I can never tighten up those figure-8 cast on stitches enough.