Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cranky cat

So, as you can probably guess by the amount of new sock on the needles, I flew back to Pittsburgh yesterday. (You can probably also tell that I might be overcompensating for my last bout with the socks... it looks a little big to me.) As you can probably guess from the title, my cat came with me. He actually behaved rather well until we sat in the Philidelphia airport for a few hours. A very nice woman looked so sad at seeing him in the bag that I let him out, whereupon he proceeded to flirt with everyone in leash-range. The boy knows he's irresistable, even to non-cat-people.

This sock, with the pretty spiraling pink flash, is made from Lorna's Laces in the Tahoe colourway. Those lovely green needles are casein. I can't get a good picture of them, but they're a lovely pearly colour, with waves of lighter green going through them. Hands down, these are my favorite sock needles to knit with thus far. I'm a little worried that my hands will be too dry to keep them flexible (see soaking instructions on linked page), so I've been trying to help the process along when I'm somewhere dry like an airplane. I'd like to try some plastic knitting needles, because they're "unbreakable". Given that I carry my socks everywhere, I'm scared I'm going to break needles. (I did try some Inox DPNs, but I didn't find them as comfortable as I'd like.)

Why so paranoid, you ask? Well, I bought some Lantern Moon rosewood DPNs. See that price? They're almost as much per needle as a complete set of caesin or plastic needles, and a good bit more per needle than a set of Inox. I've been extremely dissapointed in my set. One needle came with some sort of strange yarn-snagging hollow near the tip, and one broke after making one sock. I don't know that I can blame the breakage on the needles, but that yarn-snagging hollow means that my $20+ set of DPNs became useless far too quickly.

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