Thursday, January 12, 2006

March on, Zippy!

If I didn't spend so much time doing math, I'd have more time to watch these pretty stripes appear:

As it is, I think I'm going to have to stick to my day job. As shown by the following progress meter, I am now into skien 2:

Skien the second has thus far been devoid of the little surprises that made skien #1 oh-so-fun. I have also figured out how to de-slub the outside surface of the sweater (not reflected in above photo) by tugging on the yarn in various ways. I figure the slubs are probably happier having a little party on the back, anyway. You may also note that, contrary to the wishes of so many knitters using Noro, I have gone to extra effort to make sure the stripes aren't all uniform. Part of this is through sheer laziness: I don't want to match them up. Really, more of it is because I don't want to be wearing something uniformly striped like a rugby shirt. Call it perversity. Call it laziness. I think I'm going to call it an aesthetic choice.

A Certain Someone has indicated his approval of the sweater back as well. I used to think that the cats on people's knitting blogs were just posed or odd in some way (well, they're cats), but I suppose the urge to play with knitting is quite common. Guilt is apparently quite uncommon.

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