Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One piece down... four to go?

I've just finished the back of Zippy the Sweater. The jaunty horns are from the circular needles I'm using as a stich holder. Technically the instructions say something about casting off the shoulder stiches, but I think this would be a very good opportunity to learn the three-needle bind-off. Shoulder seams, here I come!

So the next step in this sweater is doing the math for the fronts. I'm postponing work on the sleeves until I fit the body of the sweater together, just to make sure my row gauge doesn't change too much when I wash the sweater. It didn't in the swatch, but why not try to make my life easier when easing the sleeves into the hole? Anyway, as promised, here are my simple theories for why mathematical-types often fail to do more simple mathematics correctly:

  • We're not used to it anymore. I may work with numbers, but they don't act the way they do in arithmetic. Sometimes 3+2=0, in my world. My world is an interesting place.
  • The "math" part of our brains is already busy, thank you very much. Interestingly, most of the people I know who work with math tend to do theoretical work in the background of their brains while they're doing other things. This might leave less "room" for other kinds of math. (I can't explain how forgetful and spaced-out I am when I'm working on a hard theory problem.)

Next time I'm working on knitting math, the big-gun theory will come out. I'm sure you can't wait. :)

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