Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hat Day Afternoon

In between cursing at certain facts about multivariate polynomials over a finite ring, I finshed up the cap for my grandfather (blue) and a Celtic Cap (purple). As I said before, the blue watchcap is in superwash ~99% wool, %1 cat fur. The celtic cable cap is in a snuggly bulky-weight Cascade Pastaza in Iris, so it's 49.5% llama, 49.5% wool, and 1% cat fur (ably hidden by the white hairy bits already in the yarn). The celtic cap pattern is by the designer of the oh-so-popular Rogue sweater. While I haven't tried that one out yet, I have enjoyed the cap pattern. What can I say -- cables are fun. Now, the pattern says that ou need to have advanced cabling skills. I don't know about that, as I've only knit one swatch with a simple cable on it before, and this (my third such cap) turned out just fine. All you need is the skills to follow directions and knowledge of the centered double increase. They don't link to this on their site; I have no idea why.

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