Monday, January 09, 2006

Good yarn store, have a cookie

Before I came back from the land of normally mild winters (to Pittsburgh, the land that's having a freakishly mild winter that I expect to dissapear any day now), I had my LYS hold a copy of Noro Knits for me. When I went in with Krista to pick it up, I was reminded why this store (Knit One, on Murry up past Poli) is the LYS that I go to, even though it's an extra mile to walk.

  • They did, in fact, save the Noro Knits for me. In fact, the woman who answered the phone recognized my voice.
  • Krista was looking for a pattern for a vest for her grandmother. The wonderful ladies there told her that a pattern in my Noro Knits would work perfectly (just chop off the arms). (She's not doing it in Noro, though. I'll leave the details to her.)
  • I brought in the lace yarn my MIL gave me, and they made many helpful suggestions that did not involve selling me anything whatsoever. (They also noted that it's a lot like Lorna's Lace's Grace -- I still haven't figured out what I want to do with it.)
  • They don't carry any Elizabeth Zimmerman books, but they let me look at one of their personal ones to figure out whether I wanted to buy it somewhere else (yes I do, it's very engineering) instead of buying one of the books they do sell.
  • I forgot my wallet. Yes, I'm stupid. I asked the owner (who was ringing me up) to hold the book for me again, so I could buy it when I came back. She told me to take it and come back to pay her later. Direct quote: "you'll be back". That was so nice of her I just don't even know what to say.

The reason I'm so effusive is that Subway Knitter reminded me that not all stores are this way. I like the selection at Knit One, but it doesn't seem to be the most important part in making a good knitting store. I wish them good luck (not that they need it -- they're getting busier and busier). I suppose they could carry my new favorite yarn, Karaoke, if they wanted to make me even happier. :) (On that note, what's with the magic colours of Karaoke that aren't online? I really wish I could figure out what they have in purples... they really need a Karaoke that's the colours of Purplexed. That would look great with a coordinating solid rib in a pattern like Carraway. I'd even be more than happy to crank the numbers for such a pattern for everyone to share. Perhaps I should send in a suggestion...)

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