Sunday, January 08, 2006

Socks are easy, right?

After my huge chunk of holiday knitting, I became more confident in my knitting skills. I'd even knitted a pair of socks for my mom. I thought "I'm going to make myself some socks." "This will be easy," I thought. Apparently I'm not very smart.

I have small, narrow feet and I like snug socks, so I needed a narrow sock, right? I knit a bit, saw that it was nice and tight. Then I made my first mistake: "Hmm. My measurements say that I'm knitting tighter than gauge. That can't possibly be right! I'll just use the gauge measurement from the band ball." The result is this sock. V is not for victory here.

Just to complete the pain, here I am trying the sock on. Notice that it is very nice and snug across my foot, just how I'd like it, but won't quite fit over my heel.

Then, I tried again with some smaller needles (#0 Inox) because my Lantern Moon needles gave up the ghost. This time, I made a better guess as to the size, but that has got to be the stiffest sock ever made. I like the Jaywalker motif, though I'm going to tweak it next time, but I'm not sure these would be comfy, as I don't know that they stretch enough.

The moral of this story seems to be that I'm stupid in some pretty impressive ways. As long as I learn from it, though, I don't mind the frogging. I think I might need to knit a frog-themed sock sometime in the future.

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