Friday, January 27, 2006

Next time, trust the pattern

I continued with my toe-up sock with short-row heels and toes. The heel turned out credibly as well, though at the end of the join, there's a little tiny hole (easily fixed with thread, I'm sure). I worried and worried that the sock would be too big, too small, or just run out of yarn (how far does 50g of DK-weight go on a size 6.5-7 foot?).

Oh. It's pretty much perfect (the toes could stand to be a little smaller). What was I so worried about agan? Anyway, I think it'll be a short sock (though that little ball of yarn has fooled me before), so I'm going to put sock #1 on stichholders and knit sock #2 so I have a reasonable chance of ending up with two somewhat-matching socks.

As for the yarn, the varigation is turning out perfectly: no pooling, no flashing, not even a spiral. The colours are lovely, and much more saturated than what I'm seeing in Artyarn's picture. The colours are lovely deep bluey greens, not a light turquoise. (As with all hand-painted yarns, YMMV quite dramatically. I'm just hoping my second sock comes out like the first!) The yarn is incredibly soft when knit at the reccomended gauge, and it's still soft and fluffy on #3 needles. There's something about the tight ply that reminds me of cotton while I'm knitting, though. My LYS doesn't sell Artyarns, so I'll have to find something else to try. I've seen some Twisted Sisters lurking in a basket... wouldn't Iris or Lapis in Jazz (merino of about the same weight as the Artyarns supermerino) be lovely? I'm a bit worried about opting for a non-superwash yarn for socks, even if I don't intend to machine-wash them. Will they felt right on my feet from the moisture and wear?


  1. How many stitches are you working? My Artyarns socks always pool.

  2. I'm working 52 stiches on the foot/ankle of the sock. (Have I mentioned I have small feet?) Sock #2 is a little more patterned, but not much -- you can see a barely defined swirl around the foot, but it's not pooling.