Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The attack!

When last we left our protagonist, SOCK, he was being menaced by some highfalutin' supermerino. What motivate/d this heinous attack?

Oh no! SOCK has fallen down, splaying its heel flap across the ground. It looks like it's in for a pounding now!

But wait... calling on its superpowers, sock chants "FOOT! FOOT! FOOT!" and rears up on end! Supermerino looks like it's in trouble!

The battle raged for hours. Back and forth the yarn flew. When I returned, this is the sad sight that greeted me.

SOCK, deprived of its needles, lies listless on the ground. Supermerino, in the glow of its triumph, drives the casein needles through SOCK. Still, all is not lost, because SOCK has called upon the mighty TOE, putting itself into a state of stasis. Someday... someday revenge might come.

What drove Supermerino to this heinous ambush? After it staked out SOCK, it pulled my bamboo #3 needles towards me, and impaled itself upon them. Such jealousy! Supermerino simply could not stand to see another becoming a sock, and sacrificed himself on the points of his pride (and my needles). But, hey, I have a pair of socks now, and another on the way.

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