Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The bloom is off (and on) the yarn

As I've been talking your collective ears off a bit about how nice this Karaoke is, now I'm going to tell you all the annoying things about it I've found so far.

First: slubs. Seriously, slubs? Big fat slubs in this nice soft yarn? I'm not even sure what to do with them (other than try to put them on the wrong side) because losing 12" (according to Maggie Righetti) every time probably wouldn't leave me with enough yarn to actually knit the sweater! I'm trying to trim them down to a reasonable size, but I still find them really annoying. I'd probably find them even more annoying if the yarn wasn't stripey, because I don't want it to look too regular (more on this later). There was also a knot in the skien, but that doesn't annoy me as much, because I tend to undo them.

Along with the slubs we have thin bits. Sometimes really thin bits. This doesn't bug me as much as the slubs, partially because I know from swatching that this effect will be minimized after washing.

Super magical fun happy baby balls. Well, actually this was more of a separate baby tangle of yarn that came as a fun surprise in the skien. I'm going to use this to make the stripes of the yarn more un-uniform, so not a big deal. I like the irregularity of the Noro, so I'm going to tweak this yarn to reproduce that a bit.

And, of course, the reason I've found all of these annoyances is because I got a few more inches of Zippy the Sweater's back done in between cursing at the necessity of counting exact bits used in the papers written by certain cryptographers who obviously didn't care about allowing this. I'm certainly guilty of this myself, on occasion. It's just one of the things that makes grad school a good way of working off any bad karma you might happen to have. Self-flagellation has nothing on a Ph.D. sometimes. :P

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