Friday, November 23, 2007

Blue sleeve for Black Friday

Due largely to my getting sick and spending Thanksgiving knitting on the couch, the first sleeve of Hild is a done deal. I never did have to do any gusset-type sleeve shaping, because the sleeve remained tight enough while I went along; I never really felt the need to slow down the increases.

I wan't sure about the sleeve cap -- the pattern I used was generated by Sweater Wizard 3.0 and looked a lot nicer than the one that came with the original pattern, but still isn't the smoothest sinusoid I can imagine. In particular, WHY would the slope get steeper right before the final rows with all the bind-offs? That basically guarantees a stupid-looking little corner of waste fabric on each side of the sleeve cap. Anyway, I followed the pattern, but because I had suspicions and I am anal, I pinned the sleeve into a sleeveless black shirt I have.

And it does pretty much seem to fit! So that is good. As long as I don't skimp on the measurement between my neck and the point of my shoulder, I'll be fine. Here's a closeup of the cable detail down by the wrist:

I'll be putting the mirror image of that one into the left sleeve.