Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lengthening the short

Using the pictures from a great short-row toe/heel tutorial, my reknit toe turned out just fine. (It did turn out a bit bigger than I wanted; knitting with the wooly nylon changed my gague by quite a bit.) I tightened up for the foot, which is nice and cozy and soft.

I want to buy some more sock yarn for more nice big thick cozy socks, but I'm still not sure whether the 50g per sock I bought will be enough. This tightly-wound ball is all I have left for this sock. Mind you, I have tiny feet: size 6.5-7 for my 5'9" height. I'll just cross my fingers for now.

At least more socks will give me a chance to try out different toes and heels. With all the cold around here, I certainly appreciate having wool socks that feel like a nice warm hug on my feet.

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