Monday, January 16, 2006

Oooh! Armhole shaping! I did the math for this, but I still need to tweak the fronts to end up with the same number of stiches. Given the ribbing, I might be a bit off. I'm not really afraid of fudging with the colours to hide it, though. I've sewn clothes before, I know the game. I am glad that I've gotten this far, because now I can show you how incredibly drape-y this Karaoke yarn knits up. I can't show you the fluffy and the soft, but I'll endevour to borrow a small child to enjoy it, so that I'll have some documentary evidence. Given that any children I might have are still firmy ensconsed in my ovaries, this isn't a simple trick.

About the proportions of the sweater back: (1) I'm pretty sure I did the math right; (2) it's in k2p2 rib, which stretches a lot; (3) I'm not the widest kid on the block. I chose this sweater because I wanted to learn how to make seams on knitted garments without worrying about my fitting problems. (Think Grumperina-style fitting problems.) The first three sweaters I've lined up have either ribbing over the waist, (so I don't have to worry about waist shaping vs bust shaping, and how much I can get away with of each) or the pattern should shape itself just fine for an outer garment (i.e. Mermaid).

After those three sweaters are done, you'd think that I'd have to learn bust shaping. Au contraire! Instead, I'm planning to procrastinate on my thesis with a wedding shawl. Really, I do need to write my thesis. I should get on that. Still, it's hard to resist this loveliness. Note that I have a very poor sense of my own limitations, and I'm still looking for a "cooler" (which probably means "more complex") pattern. I'm not sure what I want to knit it up in, but price isn't a huge concern for this piece. I'm thinking a silk blend might be nice, to make the plumes shimmer just a bit.

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