Wednesday, January 04, 2006

OK, One More Present

OK, I lied about knitting for myself. Really, I'm working on a simple watchcap for my grandfather. He asked for a navy blue watchcap. Now, I didn't know what a watchcap was, so there was a bit of guessing involved. Luckily, the uncompleted hat fits, but I'm not sure it's long enough for what he wants. I got two skiens of the soft superwash navy yarn, though, so he might just end up with two hats. (Clearance yarns at 30% off of $5 are probably worth it, even when they're not returnable.)

On this hat, I used a tubular cast-on. I like the result, which is sligtly more regular than my regular stretchy cast-on, but I'm not sure it's as stretchy outwards as I'd like. You're really only casting on half the number of stiches you normally would, so it pulls in nicely, but may not stretch outwards as well.

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