Friday, February 03, 2006

Poor sense of my own limitations

Have I ever mentioned that I have a rather poor sense of my own limitations? Remember my plan for Replacement Cardi? Well, that's currently gone out the window. I went to my LYS and discussed cardigan construction with Linda (who was extremely helpful, btw), and came to the conclusion that I probably needed a copy of Sweater Wizard. Note that this software is both expensive and Windows-only. Windows bugs me. I don't use it. Thus, I won't be using this program. Then I saw this sweater by Annabelle NYC. I like the sweater, but I don't want it in cotton, nor am I thrilled by the sleeves. So, never having knit a complete sweater, I'm going to design my own.

I took some figures from a non-stretchy wrap sweater that fits me well over the long-sleeve tees I wear all through the winter, and I'll be adapting these into the sweater I'm thinking of, inspired by the sweater above. If anyone's interested in the sweater, I can write up the complete pattern once I've test-knit it and crunch some numbers to get other sizes, assuming I can talk someone into running the shoulder-shaping through Sweater Wizard or something of its ilk. Currently, I have two choices of trim that I think would look nice: moss stich, or a cable that braids together to extend down the tie (mmm... cabling on small-diameter knitting on DPNs). I'm leaning towards the cable right now. Please feel free to leave me suggestions. Tomorrow, I should have some mockups in a knit fabric; I want to make sure I've accounted correctly for the stretchy fabric of the knit. (Note that the figures in the diagram do not include stretch, and are the length of a shirt; the sweater will be somewhat longer, and the back and fronts will be narrower.)

Also, while I was at my LYS, I bought some Lorna's Laces for my sock pal. From reading her blog, I narrowed down the class of pattern I'll be knitting, and chose the "Mixed Berries" colour accordingly. I'm really looking forward to knitting her something nice and cozy!


  1. Wow, good luck with the designing! Love the color of that LL yarn. You've got one lucky pal there! :)

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