Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic update: day 8

Welcome back to our coverage of the 8th day of the Knitting Olympics. Let's join our correspondents at the Dunk arena.

Chialea has continued her march towards Olympic glory in this section of the event: the Dunk and Bleed. She's slipped her sweater into the water and....
heard in background: WHOA! WHOA! HARD! WHOA!

Just look at that scrubbing. The teams have to be very careful: too little scrubbing and the dye doesn't reach its target in the house, and too much causes felting. I think our competitor may have hit a sweet spot. Yes, an excellent shot! Now let's see her follow it up a rinse shot. These shots protect the results of the earlier scrubbing.

Oooh... that's not so good. This Karaoke yarn certainly releases a lot of dye. However, that's beneficial in many cases; the colours are somewhat vivid for our competitor, so her shots seem to be encouraging these dye-releasing shots, without the aid of vinegar. Still, she'll have to rince a few more shots to be successful here.


We continue our Olympic coverage with the Block. This event is all about form.

See how Chialea has flared her hem and pinched her waist? While these effects won't end up so dramatic on a ribbed sweater, they will encourage the sweater to fit over these curve combinations. This concludes today's blocking, but the competitors will have to sleep on their results (literally, as she's blocked this sweater on the bed). This is nerve-wracking for any competitor. What colour will the sweater be when dry? How long a zipper should she order?

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