Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic update: day 7

Here we are again at the Knitting Olympics in "Torino", although nothing actually seems to be in Torinto except for the hospital they've been sending skiiers and lugers to more often than should be strictly necessary.

Chialea seems to be moving along on her quest for Olympic Gold. Look at this lovely sweater torso, seams and all. Like we said before, she's gone for a trick with a lower difficulty level, hoping to pick up points on execution. In fact, this Karaoke seems to have predictable striping, unlike its competitor, but Chialea has gone for a more artistic effect. While these knitting events can be seen as a series of moves designed only to collect points, at best they are also expressions of artistry. Let us see that mattress seam again in slow motion.

This is another move that Chialea has never done before this Olympics. She is pushing herself and her abilities to read and follow simple directions in a true Olympic spirit.

Our competor is not one of the atheletes who work on their own equipment. She is, however, open to new designs. She is even planning to compete on untested equipment in these Olympic games!

We see here several tried-and-true Nancy Bush books. In addition, we're seeing... I don't believe it, they're Comfort Zone plastic sock needles. This competetor has had some difficulty with her previous equipment in the cold: caesin needles shatter, leaving her in danger of dropped stiches, and metal needles are just cold. These new needles should stand up to the high demands Chialea will put on them in these events.

In addition, Chialea has acquired another Elizabeth Zimmerman book, Knitter's Almanac. That EZ is surely a favorite of hers! On top of that I see... well, that's not new equipment, but it's certainly vital in these temperatures. Smooth Moves for Knitters is a great hand creme for these events, because it sticks to the hands even through the most demanding knitting.

And now a preview of tomorrow's events, the Dunk and the Bleed.

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  1. Chialea,
    I was thrilled to see Comfort Zone Needles in your Olympics report--then horrified to see that they are YELLOW! After stating that your casein needles broke, I have to report that we have had three cases of the yellow #0 and #1 Comfort Zone needles break. I thought we had caught all of them, but clearly you are knitting with them. Please contact me by email so I'll be sure to send them to the right place and person, and I will send some of our new, improved polymer needles in purple, orange, or silver.