Thursday, February 02, 2006

Indecisive? Moi?

This has been the week of desultorily casting on projects and becoming immediately bored with them, but continuing to knit on them anyway. Knitting makes my stress level manifest itself in healthier ways than screaming at the computer (thesis) or TV (state of the union). Plus, it's sometimes entertaining to surprise my students. It's good for them to wake up during class a bit. Sure, someone might have scheduled them into class during lunchtime three days in a row per week, but waking up is good for them. (It's also probably good for keeping me awake when I have to teach several of those days in a row!)

You'd think they'd never seen someone sit in front of a class and knit socks before!

I also cast on for a sweater. I'm not as thrilled with this yarn as I'd like, but it something to knit. I know I'd like to have another sweater (my supply is dangerously low), but knitting with the Mixat is just not all that fun. It's sticking to my bamboo needles and splitting if I look at it sideways. Perhaps I need a set of the metal dowel needles to make this any fun at all. I'm also not 100% sure I like the heathering effect that I'm getting. Opionions, anyone?

Finally, I've been working on a present for a friend of mine. Don't worry, it's a felting project. I have no idea about the pattern, I'm just winging it on this one.

Really, I want to work on some of my other projects, like Zippy (put aside until the Olympics) or play with my new alpaca. Still, I'm going to my LYS today. Why?

  • Return the expensive Jo Sharp yarn for the socks. I may be insane, but I'm going to wait on that insanity until I'm actually going to work on the socks in a more concentrated way.
  • Pattern for my Replacement Cardi. If I don't find one today, I'll probably just reproduce the original cardi, with some bust shaping. I may well need needles for this, too. I also want to use the store's ball winder, as they were busy when I bought the yarn. Anything that will allow me to pet this some more sounds good to me.
  • Needles for Mermaid. I can't knit on it if I don't have anything to knit with!
  • Sock yarn for others. I got my sock pal's information last night, and I'm all kinds of excited. She even has feet that are quite a bit like mine, so I have some ideas on what to knit for her. I may still pick up a book of sock patterns, just because, but I saw a pattern online that I think she might like. I'm still reading her blog to pick up bits of information about her. Stalking is a good thing, if it allows better gifts! I also noticed that Opal's tiger sock yarn is back in production. I know a certain little girl who would love socks to go with her hat (forthcoming when her busy parents send me some measurements).

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