Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic update: day 10

Good morning from Torino, as we continue our coverage of the Knitting Olympics. Don't forget that you can (surprisingly) find more information at actual news outlets. Even the CBC has gotten in on the action, I'm told, but we won't link to that because: a) why would NBC advertise anyone but NBC? and b) I can't find it on their web site.

Chialea seems to have slowed down on her progress in the sweater event, and... is that another entry? We will have further coverage of this development later, what we're calling "upset city", but first we'll continue with Zippy. Frankly, Zippy isn't looking very zippy. Wax is incredibly important in this event, and here Chialea seems to have fallen down on the job. Sure, she ordered a zipper in Pirate Blue, and her tech has agreed to ship it as soon as it's not a holiday, but I think her wax is holding her back. See how her only has about half of a sleeve finished?

Look at this startling last-minute entry! It looks like Chialea was overwhelmed by the cold and succumbed to the urge to make herself a incredibly soft hand-dyed scarf. Perhaps she has also succumbed to the stomach flu, like what seems like at least half of the competitors, dehydrating her brains into insensibility. Still, she has made an interesting stitch choice to show off the hand-dyed yarn. It looks as though the scarf has not been blocked, so she cannot achieve the full points for this manuver, but she recieves the values for soft, comfortable, and warm all the same. This is the essence of knitting cross! It's like NASCAR on needles! Did you hear that, target audience? N. A. S. C. A. R.

Back to Dick Button with ice dancing.

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