Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Needles are double... edged?

As I have a... visitor this week, blog updates are going to be a bit spotty, sorry. I will, however, tell you about my needle woes.

Woe #1: #4 bamboo needles gave a loose, but acceptable, fabric out of Prime Alpaca. These stiches do not, however, pass over the join in my Clover needles without a struggle.
Solution: buy #3 Addi Turbos. I'd sworn off of these after hearing about their dowel-like properties. I have to say, they're every bit as annoying in that aspect as advertised, but their joins can't be beat. Considering how long it's going to take to knit an entire sweater on #3 needles, they're worth their price! (My LYS charged me a stunningly low price for these after several price-tag mishaps. I'm going to check back with them later on whether they really meant to sell them to me for that price.)

Woe #2: I love my casein #1 DPNs. Socks tend to be highly portable projects for me. It's very cold out. These three seemingly disconnected statements add up to trouble for me. It turns out that they're not kidding about the temperature limis on these needles. Freezing causes shattering. Luckily I still have 4, but I think they're going to be confined to indoors until my new plastic friends arrive. I have wanted these ever since I saw them in another knitblogger's socks (I can't remember who right now). They look like just the thing to throw in my backpack, freeze solid, and heat to a crisp. My pretty little greenies can retire to indoors-only knitting.

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