Sunday, February 05, 2006

Deck the sweater

I went down to my LYS and came away with the last copy they had of Knitting on the Edge. I've been swatching since then and came to several conclusions. To wit:

  1. I have to choose the trim before I start knitting the sweater, unless I am simply going to sew the trim on top of a completed sweater.
  2. The trim swatches I have are certainly not right. I need something a bit higher contrast, but not lacey. I'm thinking a Celtic cable of knit on purl, but I'm afraid that the pre-charted ones I have will be too wide. Note that I'll be using the same, or a related, trim for the ties, so I need something reasonably wide already. Perhaps I'll simply knit the trim on #3 needles instead of #4. As I'm making the trim and ties in one piece, it could certainly use the added firmness. In any case, a large part of the ties will certainly be knitted on #3s.

Kitty has been less than useful during this process. No, I don't know why he thinks there's buried treasure underneath my leg.

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