Friday, February 03, 2006

Mocking myself

As promised, I mocked up my wrap cardigan, using numbers I adapted from a wrap shirt. I didn't mock up the bust or the shoulders; I'll calculate the patterns for those later. I've also written the pattern for an adjustable border of the knitter's choice. I think the cardigan would look nice with a narrow celtic cable of knit on purl, or a moss stich border, but there are many more suggestions in books like Knitting on the Edge.

Here is the mockup with 7", 6", and 3" extra length (you can see the shirt's hem length as the lower blue band on the mockup). I've written the pattern for the 3" extra length, but it is easy to extend it to create a longer sweater. Note that the mockup is somewhat a-line from a slightly empire waist, where the ties also originate. The ties then wrap downwards several inches to tie around the natural waistline. I placed the tie as I did so as to emphasize the waistline without creating the cinched look common in sweaters with ties.

1 comment:

  1. I think you are going to create a beautiful sweater. I want to make one from your pattern and it isn't even knit yet, that's how cool it looks!

    I've been heming and hawing, wishing I had enough skills to make the dream sweater in my head. Watching you go through the process is awesome!