Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rudolph the Red Nosed Misogynist

How did I never notice before how misogynist the movie "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" is? A sampling of actual quotes:

  • "We'd better get the women back to Christmastown."
  • "You can't do this; this is a man's job."

Notice also that Donner's wife has no actual name; her name is "Mrs. Donner". One good thing did come out of watching this movie, though. My husband's belly has a new nickname: it's the abdominal snowman, because it's hairy and white.

While I'm up on my PEI yarn run (I did find some yarn, but I'll post pictures of that later) I've been working on a pair of Latvian Mittens for my SIL. She picked out the pattern and happened to like the colours of Baby Ull I had with me. The yarn is all kinds of soft, though processed-feeling, but I have to wonder how well it will protect against the weather and stand up against snagging. It's rather slick; I just pulled an inch of a ply out by brushing against some velcro!

The dark blue cuff is a lining for the cuff to make it fit more snugly around her wrist. Unless I've missed something in the book and pictures, Latvian mittens do not traditionally have the refinements of their Nordic cousins like thumb gussets and border stitches (to hide the jog at the beginning of rounds). It may not be historically accurate, but I think my mittens are going to look like a hybrid in future.

Dale of Norway certainly has some impressive designs, even besides the cutest baby designs ever.

Now if they only sold patterns for them instead of $300+ sweaters, I'd be in business. Here are my famous last words, right up front: how hard could it possibly be to write a pattern for that?

For those of you who celebrate a holiday today, OH OH OH

Merry Dog!

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  1. Beautiful mitten, even cuter dog! A merry whatever to you, too!