Thursday, December 28, 2006

A life changing experience

Lucy told me to get wool long underwear. She said they'd change my life. That's exactly what I was scared of when I got the package.

The model wearing the long underwear is obviously very cold, so the long underwear isn't helping her out at all. In addition, the long underwear may have given her the bad boob job. Better safe than sorry; no top for me!

Lucy is right, though. Mmmmm... waaaarm. For the first time walking to work wasn't an experience in being stingy-frozen-cold from my boots to my thighs. Moving to somewhere snowy is a continual lesson in how wool is the wonder fabric. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a wool-wearing contest: wool hat, pashmina as a scarf, wool coat, wool sweater, wool pants, thick wool socks. Long underwear is just going to give me another leg up when someone holds that contest. I'm sure it will be any day now.

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  1. holy craptastic boobage, batman! i cannot even believe someone purposefully used that as their product photo, let alone a company called the vermont country store (!) (as opposed to