Saturday, December 09, 2006

Quantum sock coherence

I think I'm having trouble with sock coherence again. Can't I wave a quantum magic wand and make these a pair?

The pink/purple/blue socks are actually for my aunt, but they'll need to be partially ripped. It turns our that k1p1 ribbing in Cascade Fixation is bigger than stockinette. When I try on this sock, I can see daylight all the way around my ankle. Out they go!

After I finish these socks, I think my next will be of a rather odd design to satisfy my new boots. It turns out that walking on concrete a minimum of 1.5 hours per day makes one's feet hurt when one wears out one's shoes. It also turns out that one can wear out shoes at an astonishing clip. Anyway, I've gotten my first knee-high boots, so I need some warm ass-kicking socks to go along with my ass-kicking boots.

If anyone else has a pair of well-loved thrummed mittens, you can rejuvenate them instead of throwing them out. My MIL got me some authentic Newfoundland thrummed mittens several years ago (these and the Knitter's hand creme are my well-loved weapons against winter). This winter they suddenly seemed less warm and cushy than they had previously. On the bottom of the mitten you can see the reason why; they felted (and not in the good, warm way)!

A little work de-clumping the fleece is restoring them to their warm, cushy wonderfulness for now. (When I say "fleece" here, I'm not kidding. This is minimally processed wool.) I may need to learn to knit a pair or augment these next year, if I wear the lining down much more.

As promised, I am working on a new sweater of my own design. It's only knitted coned yarn up to the bust, so it's not particularly exciting yet. I'm extremely impressed with this $12/pound wool, though!

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