Sunday, December 31, 2006

In which I distract you with cute kittiness

I've made some progress in scarf-land, but I've been lazy about blocking. In an attempt to distract you from this fact, I have kitty with my current WIP and kitty with his holiday present.

See! Cuteness!

Anyway, my MIL was sweet enough to get kitty a catnip mouse. Perhaps he'll play with it instead of my knitting. I'm not holding my breath here.

Kitty has been trying to "help" with my first knitted item ever for my husband. No, it's not a sweater. According to my knitting group, the sweater curse is still active until three years after the wedding, and we're closer to three months. In a purely technical sense, my husband doesn't want a sweater. He doesn't want anything knitted. I've been racking my brains for something he might need; I think I've finally found it.

A string market bag in Valley Yarns Windsor cotton. I'm not sure this is really the right pattern for the job, though: I'm ending up with a long, skinny bag that was a real pain to sew together.

The side seams don't seem to add stability and are a pain to sew, even in whipstitch. I'll finish this off and see what happens. I know a certain someone up in frozen-land who might want something like this, so I'll have the opportunity to knit a refined version. (That certain someone might want to let me know whether she cares about the colour before I go look for yarn.) I won't be touching it for a while, though. The size 15 needles are driving me bonkers! I want my nice comfy size 1s (pictured for comparison) back! I'm thinking of knitting an all-over colourwork sweater in fingering weight just to get my nice tiny needles back into my nice tiny hands.

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  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Glad that Kitty is enjoying her gift...even if only for a short interval!
    You bag looks very pretty....hope it works well too. I would think that "the person in frozen land " would be very pleased with whatever colour you would choose for such a project:-)