Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ankles we have turned on high

Yesterday, I walked up a mountain and then back down again. Actually, since quite a lot of the "walk" is up rock faces, I climbed up a mountain and slid back down on my butt. Unsurprisingly, it's cold up on the top of a mountain in mid-December, though it is quite pretty. Note that this picture shows the hiking trail, not the side of a cliff.

As the title of this post might indicate, my ankles are either indicating their displeasure at this outing in specific or the state of my holiday knitting in general. I still haven't found the perfect buttons to finish off a pair of gloves, started a cotton washcloth, or started on the second fuzzy mitten. All of these things are being shipped out Tuesday morning, so I need to get on top of this!

One down: my aunt's socks. She has tiny feet, too.

Yarn: Cascade fixation
Needles: #2 crystal palace bamboo DPNs (hands-down, my favorite bamboo needles are from Crystal Palace)
Patten: Toe-up socks using magic cast-on and short-row heel on 64 stitches with rolled cuff

I was planning a more refined top, like a picot hem, but was thwarted by the hiking. I don't know if you can see this well in the picture, but each ankle has a rather impressive swelling on it. Given the amount of rock clambering, they're doing fine and will be back to a normal size soon. However, a normal size is absolutely necessary to check the fit of socks for my slim-ankled auntie! I hope she'll like these anyway.

To keep me laughing through the deadlines, I'll be watching Dildo Diaries. It's a documentary about some rather odd anti-sex laws and how they came about. Watch this hilarious clip of the movie, then run out and watch the whole thing.

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