Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's holiday time!

I finished my holiday knitting early (who'd have thunk it?), so I'm on to knitting something for my MIL. It's lace, so I hope she likes it. Currently, it's all crumple-y, but it is very soft and warm and squishy. Everyone likes soft and warm and squishy yarn!

I think I might need to make another one of these for myself. I also hope she likes the prospect of blocking on the carpet or the bed or something, because I don't think there's any way I'm going to finish it before I get there. I promise it won't bleed!

My poor mother spent her birthday at the hospital with her father. He pulled through the surgery fine, and we're counting on his incredible stubbornness to keep him on the track to recovery. Sure, he calls me stubborn, but I just don't know what he could possibly be talking about. As a bithday treat for her, I'll let her peek at the present I knitted for her. She asked for more knitted presents, which she'll recieve after I track down satisfactory yarn for them. (It's hard to track down specific colours of hand-dyed yarn during the holiday season!)

Ever environmentally conscious, my husband and I wrapped our presents to each other in our shirts and opened em last night. He didn't get me any yarn/needles this year, under the theory that I'll buy them for myself anyway. Instead he got me a Pimsleur language course to work through with my dad, the book of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (all praise his noodly appendage), and some great CDs that I'll listen to the moment this multi-day migraine goes away.

Let's just say that kitty was very pleased with his present, too.

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  1. Positive thoughts for stubborn people! And thanks for more photos of kitty. AND, way to go on finishing the Christmas knitting.