Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fleece Artist/Handmaiden run

I'm on my most long-distance yarn run ever: I'm on Prince Edward Island looking for Fleece Artist and Handmaiden. We were apparently so determined to get here that we drove directly through the water

and drove right by an incomparable opportunity to wash puppies.

Unfortunately, it looks like everyone else in North America got here before me, because Great Northern Knitters (believe it or not, it's also a yarn store) is out of pretty much everything but a few sad, disconnected skiens of BFL, cashmere, qiviut, and thrummed sock kits. I had a fun conversation a few times:
Yarn store person: Can I help you?
Chialea: I'm looking for any sock yarn, sea silk, or 900 yards of DK wool and a matching 700 yards of mohair.
Yarn store person: We have a kit for thrummed socks here.
Chialea: I don't think those will fit in my boots, somehow. I'll come back some other time of year.

At least I got to pet the qiviut and dream about buying a skien for mitten liners. (I was too scared to try on the $600 qiviut sweater.) I'm not sure I'm quite that extravagant, but this has reinforced my desire to get my hands on some nice yarn. I'm also rethinking the "sweater with mohair" idea; it's the first time I've touched that stuff and it sheds worse than my cat! To that end, I'll be heading to the farmer's market later today to meet the woman who knit my wonderful thrummed mittens.

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