Sunday, April 30, 2006

Threat-down: moths

Someone has put the fear of moths into me*. This is new, now that I'm a knitter. Before, when I saw a moth, I just felt sorry for the poor lost creature. (Sometimes later I'd feel sorry for poor me, as the cat will spend multiple days standing on his hind legs on the TV, yowling at a moth on the ceiling. Technically, he doesn't do this continuously; sometimes he falls off.)

The point of this is that today I saw a moth fluttering around inside the house, awakening an unfamiliar urge to organize. I encased all my precious moth-food inside every plastic bag I could find in the house. (I even sorted the odds and ends and labelled their bags, even though most of them still have their ball-bands attached.)

I then encased the yarn in a plastic bin. Yes, this is every last bit of my stash, except for the alpaca that I'm knitting right now. If I was too late for that, there may be screaming to rival kitty's whiny hunting call. I'm posting this picture to prove to Krista that my stash doesn't rival this knitter's. I know those of you with a Real Stash are laughing at us right now, because we have no idea what we are getting into here if we think this is a lot of yarn.

At least I have an ally in my fight against these little intruders. I may be a vegetarian, but they're a tasty snack to my furry friend.

* This someone has several formulas for estimating the sizes of body parts based on the size of other body parts. I have to say that I feel like (even more of) a freak, now. For example, my foot size is off by nearly 1.5". At least this reminds me about one of the lovely things about knitting: I can actually make things in my size!


  1. I think kitty's had his little snack... the yarn seems to be safe. I'm crossing my fingers now.

  2. i had a moth infestation in my last apartment and it was AWFUL. i lost EVERY SWEATER I OWNED to moths. ALL OF THEM. horrible awful creatures. i literally had to get rid of all of them before we moved into our current house, have an exterminator treat this house, and maintain the extermination contract since then. he advised us to keep all clothes in closed containers (closets and drawers, not open shelving) and to keep those containers at all times. i've always kept my yarn sealed in plastic bags and the plastic bags sealed in plastic storage boxes to protect from moths--it kills me when i see people's stashes stored in big cubbies and open bins. i hope your stash is safe!!
    p.s.--how do i measure my feet for socks? the sp8 questionnaire wants to know my foot measurements!

  3. I haven't seen a moth for a few days, so I think I'm fine. I don't remember infestations of either food or wool moths in CA. Is this a PA thing?

    I had a little "falling down" incident at the Knit&Bead sale, and I'll make sure my new stash goes right into the plastic bin, even if I don't have bags for it yet.