Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sock length contest -- last chance!

I'm sorry for the delay. My fiance and I have been trying to make Major Life Decisions (besides the "shall we marry?" one, which we took care of quite a while ago). This isn't helped by that whole "work" concept. I do have more knitting to show, that will have to wait a bit; today, we will talk about Mr. Sock. Mr. Sock is very dissapointed that he hasn't been moving along very fast, due to the lack of job interviews, so the blog crew (and our signifigant others) took him geocaching this weekend.

I don't know about Mr. Sock, but the whole thing seems to me like an elaborate reason to combine scrambling at random through scratchy underbrush with technological toys. I'm not convinced that this is superior to just going out and hiking, but certain people certainly liked the toys.

Speaking of toys, another certain someone wanted to help with the pictures.

Just after this picture was taken, kitty batted the ball of yarn away from me, picked it up in his pointy little teeth, and tried to run with it. He was pretty surprised that when one jumps off a high surface with a ball of yarn, the other end of that yarn may still be attached to something larger than oneself. In any case, we have reached zero-station with regards to this sock. I've asked before for estimates of how far 50 grams of sock yarn goes. This is your last chance to guess. If you're closest, I'll send you 100g of sock yarn, so you can repeat the experiment in the name of scientific accuracy.

This second view is really just to show off how cute the lace motif looks on this sock. The rectangular toe is quite comfortable, though it could use a few more stitches in width. Note that my ankles are not usually puffy and red, so I wouldn't take that into account in making your estimate. This is simply a side effect of not properly tigtening my hiking boots, as I didn't think that "geocaching" meant "using one's ankles to drive one's boots into loose scree". After last summer's lesson in extreme stupidity, I think my ankles are premptively trying to warn me off.

Ready? Set? Guess away!


  1. I am going with 6¾". The socks look great, btw.

  2. umm i have to say 4.5 inches up your leg (i hope)... maybe i should try the toe-up method, i always have enough to make my 2 yr old a pair when i'm done making mine.

  3. CAS -- if I had a handy two-year-old, it might not be such a problem. I really want one of those little digital scales to weigh my sock yarn scraps to figure out whether I can just add another yarn for heels and toes and make another pair of socks. Hmm... well, it *is* almost my birthday...

  4. I have one of those handy-dandy drug dealer scales (b-day present from my Number Guy) and it is AWESOME!