Monday, April 03, 2006

Mr Sock Goes to Washington

While Chialea has been running around trying to convince people to give her jobs (people, you really need to give her a job. She's the smartest lady I've ever met. You want her and you want to give her lots of money, mmkay?) I have been running around trying to pick a law school. Last week I took my husband and a sock off to Washington, DC to visit two schools - this week, we head to Chicago on Wednesday.

Left : Mr Sock rides the metro, while my husband tries valiantly to find a parking space.

Below: Mr Sock enjoys a class in constitutional law at law school #1. He was, however, a bit scandalized by all the talk about sodomy (this class session focused on the Lawrence decision).

On Thursday morning we visited the ZOO! before heading to law school #2. Mr Sock greatly enjoyed hanging out with the baby panda bear. Lots more zoo pictures will be posted later today to my Flickr account.In the evening, we took a nighttime tour of all the monuments, arranged by school #2. We couldn't really see the cherry blossoms, but man could we smell them! I got to see two monuments I'd never visited before (these photos are nothing to write home about).

Left : Mr Sock poses with Mr Jefferson.
Below: Mr Sock listens in on a fireside radio chat at the (lovely) FDR memorial.

Before leaving town on Friday, Mr Sock walked around enjoying the wonderful spring weather.

Above: Mr Sock really wanted to filibuster about something, but was instead convinced to lie outside in the sun.

Right : Mr Sock thinks he would be both a more competent, and a more independent, justice than a number of those men currently sitting.

Finally, just because it's a nice picture (Mr Sock behind the camera)

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