Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Big Bad Baby Blanket - err, maybe towel?

I didn't bother to knit a gauge swatch for the Big Bad Baby Blanket, cause really, who cares? But upon blocking, I discovered that I've knit a (rather attractive, anyway) adult-sized Big Bad Baby Towel. I think it'll be nice for my friend to put the baby down on the floor, at least! The baby was born last Friday, in NC, and mom and baby girl are both doing great.

Before washing, Norton enjoyed a snuggle under the Towel:
After washing, Norton tried to "help" in blocking by walking all over the Towel, repeatedly, with muddy paws, but here's a dog-free picture of the Towel, blocking on top of a real towel (man, it's HUGE, isn't it!)!
(will try to get a better picture when the rain stops). (norton is STILL trying to walk on the blocking towel).

(I wanted to add some back story on the yarn. This is the "Pound of Love" acrylic baby yarn you can buy at Joann's or whatever, and it was my second ever yarn purchase. I started trying to make it probably 3 years ago, when my SIL was pregnant with my younger nephew, but I could NOT figure out the seed stitch. So I threw it in my "yarn odds and ends" box and forgot about it until I was destashing a few months ago! I love it when you rediscover old stuff and find that your skills have caught up to the pattern. The yarn isn't the softest thing in the world, but it's totally fine to knit with, and it went through the wash 100% unscathed, which will make baby vomit removal easy -and really, isn't that what all new mothers want?)


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Hey, did you ever measure that sock for leg length? Did I miss the big unveiling?

  2. I made the Big Bad Baby Blanket too
    and it ended up huge as well...
    at least my great-neice will be able to use it for a while...

  3. anonymous -- I'm still working on the sock. This is partially because I've been home and working on sweaters, but largely because I've been pretty swamped with work lately. Sorry!