Friday, April 21, 2006

Quicker knits: Rogue

After all these socks (size 1 needles) and the wrappy sweater (size 3 needles), Rogue (on size 8s) feels like quite a quick knit! I started it while I was deciding what sort of sleeves I should knit for the wrappy sweater, and it's just been flying by. I finished the section knit in the round (Chart A).

I'm knitting Rogue out of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Quartz. (Judging by Google's results, this is certainly a popular yarn for this sweater!) Because I couldn't find any reasonable pictures of the colour on the web, I am trying to be accurate here: it's an eggplant purple, but of pretty low saturation, so cables show up just fine. The operative word for this yarn is cuddly. Wearing this is like wearing a fluffy hug. (So sue me, I'm a sucker for "warm" and "soft".)

While this pattern does have waist shaping, I've added some more, as well as some extra room in the bust.

If anyone's been thinking about knitting Rogue, you can get a feel for the cables by knitting a Celtic cap. The cables are quite similar, and both patterns are very well written. You can't blame Jenna for the hem; I was trying something out that isn't in the pattern. If it doesn't work out after blocking, I'll just rip the hem out and reknit it in the opposite direction.

And now for the tool time section of this project: my new Denise needles and stitch markers. I'll reserve judgment on the needles for now (annoyance of the stickiness seems to be outweighed in some conditions by the cool features), but the stitch markers are unreservedly cool. The generous Melissa gave some to both me and Krista because we donated a few bags of yarn to charity.


  1. Wow, Rogue's getting along so fine! I'm amazed on how evenly you're doing the cables - you know, I'm in a bit of a cabling funk at the moment and do have a very close look on other's cables - yours are perfect! Love the shaping of Rogue, and the yarn you chose for it seems to be a dream to work with!

  2. Hey, dipsy, if the cables are giving you a lot of trouble, you can always try the Celtic cap I linked to. It's 95% cabling, so it's a concentrated way to work on your technique. (I have to admit that my cables aren't as even now as they were when I knitted four of these caps!) Your cables will also get more even when blocked, and you can even out the stitches by hand if you're not satisfied.