Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's grey! It's fuzzy! It ... has no arms

Well, I'm starting to "get there" on the wrappy grey sweater. Ignore how the hem looks right now, since I haven't stiched it yet. I also realize it's a bit difficult to see all the shaping, as I'm holding the sweater closed with my other arm in the air. (I'll try for better pictures next week, when I have someone to help me.) Still, I promise it's looking good. In retrospect, it might have been helpful to add short-row bust shaping (this will probably hold for anything I ever knit that goes over my bust and does not include such shaping), but I have all kinds of ideas to turn that from a bug to a feature.

I still have a bit of work to do on the sweater body (sew hem, shape back of neck, graft shoulders), but I'm thinking ahead to the design of the arms. Originally, I thought that slightly belled sleeves (like those on Tubey) would look nice, but I'm also considering more fitted sleeves. Any thoughts? I also haven't decided what to do with my dark grey contrast colour. I need to figure this out before I start the sleeves!

A certain someone around here has been oh-so-helpful during the blocking process. Apparently he heard through the internet about the cat who snacks on Addi Turbo cables; mine are no longer safe!

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  1. Oh yes, your sweater seems to be coming along so fine - looking forward to seeing more progress pics and then the ones of the FO!
    Your little "certain someone" is such a cutie, such innocent eyes - but being owned by a cat as well I sure know about that "innocence" :)