Monday, June 26, 2006

Good morning, fog

Good morning, Krista

It's nice and foggy here (this is normal, it'll burn off by 10am), so you get to enjoy this interesting light in pictures of my Mermaid. (Technically 1/4 of a Mermaid.)

Thanks to some issues people posted on the Hanne Falkenberg knit-along, I changed the directions a bit: instead of knitting an i-cord and picking up stitches from there, I did a provisional cast on, which I'll pick up later and bind-off with a blue i-cord. This should avoid the "my i-cord is too short" issues, especially the ones that appear upon blocking. I'm trying to avoid committing to anything difficult to undo, as the directions are not especially well-written. They're not difficult to follow, just terse. Thus far I haven't cut any yarn; that whole thing is made of continuous threads. The pile of yarn that remains is a bit daunting. Either I'll have enough yarn to make nearly a whole second sweater, I've misread the directions rather badly, or I'm mis-estimating my rate of use. This is why I'm not a fan of kits in general: they're a big source of waste if you're knitting a small size. In this case, I wanted the pattern badly enough to ask for the kit for a holiday present.

And now, a little horror shot for you, Krista:

That's a 2.75mm needle right there. Want to knit a sweater on a 2.75mm needle? (Note to Mermaid knitters who used the reccomended 3mm needle: I prefer to knit a bit loosely on sweaters to save my hands and it wasn't exactly the end of the world if my sweater ended up slightly small.)

Anyway, I'm off to SF on a fabric-shopping trip. I wore a skirt of mine to a family event last weekend and every (XX) one wanted a copy, so we're off to look for silk crepe and something for work-appropriate skirts. Apparently my theory of clothing (if it fits, buy it) isn't considered "work-approppriate" per se.

- Chialea

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  1. i loooove that pattern! and those color choices. very, very pretty, and flattering. (you should blog that on the what not to knit blog!) must add that to my to-knit list. ack--it's so long already!!