Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hardly anything to report

Dear Lea,

How is California? Pittsburgh is HOT HOT HOT. We are heading to Chicago tonight to search for an apartment - let's hope for some lake breezes.

I haven't posted in forever and ever and I have very little knitting to show. It's been busy. Nevertheless ...

Here are some socks I started at Christmas. The second sock fell prey to a very deadly case of second sock syndrome and got lost in the bottom of my knitting basket, but finally it's finished! Notice how the two socks are almost identical except for the toes. Yarn repeat weirdness!

I have also been working on the famous Tempting sweater, in merino aran. Ribbing, ribbing, and more ribbing! Here's the body, loosely blocked into something like an hourglass. Fits quite nicely. Now for sleeves - ugh! All that ribbing, on DPNs!And finally a little bit of Branching Out, which I started and promptly forgot about. Since it wasn't remotely finished for the intended recipient's birthday, I am now feeling no deadline pressure, and it'll get finished when it gets finished.

Oh, but I did find time to organize the stash (under the heading of "cleaning up to help with the impending move). Look how everything is neatly bagged and labeled! Fancy.
(note: that is not my whole stash. That is 1/3 of my sock yarn stash.)

Norton sends his love.

-- Krista


  1. Blame the inconsistency on the yarn - the socks look nice.

  2. you'll be able to tell right from left ? :-}
    tempting is looking foxy good.
    (one doesn't get enough opportunities to say "foxy" these days.)
    (or maybe one opportunity is sufficient per, say, five years.)
    regardless, it looks great. july 1, i start knitting another tempting ii, this time in a cotton blend. wish me better luck with this one.
    is krista gone gone? or just temporarily like looking for housing? (are you, krista?) weird commenting to one of you about the other.
    will be shopping at knit one for my second time ever soon. wish you could go with me!

  3. Krista is the one who was writing, Lisa. :)

    And she's not gone-gone yet... I, on the other hand, am gone except for my thesis defense. The California weather says "hi".