Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fighting the good fight

Apparently, Ants Unlimited has decided that there is something in my bedroom that they want very badly. I don't believe it's food, because there isn't any in there. All I do know is that they're coming through the walls, and that they can be fought with nutmeg and cayenne pepper.

I did, in between emptying my spice cabinet at the ants, start some socks.

(That's the other Koigu sock and one in some Trekking XXL. Perhaps it's because of the heat, but the Trekking is endlessly entertaining.) In the Trekking sock, you see the results of one half of a community theater performance (we escaped at intermission) and the Pittsburgh Folk Festival. Confusingly, we were all asked to sing "God Bless America" at the festival, and there was a lot of "Jesus junk" around. Perhaps that explains why some of the ethnic groups that I see in Pittsburgh did not participate.

I don't have anything really interesting to show on my new design because I've been unsucessfully swatching. The cable patterns are fine, but the yarn is not. Has anyone tried DK-weight Zephyr? I'm looking for anything in a DK-weight with good stitch definition and drape. I am encouraged by quite a few people whose knitting I respect going gaga over the Zephyr.

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  1. Ants normally get in to your house via tree branches and shrubberies touching your roof/wall/etc. Cut these away and the ants will disappear. Worked at my house.