Friday, May 25, 2007

Calling LisaB

LisaB recognizes my dis-en-head-ied torso! I'm going to regard that as cute rather than creepy. :) As I don't remember Lisa's email address and I received other requests for it, I'd like to point out that I wrote up a bit about the math behind short rows. (The Carolina Machine Knitting Guild will also be publishing this tutorial in an upcoming issue of their newsletter.) If anyone has any problems with that, please just email me at leakATEcsDAWTcmuDAWTedu (apply obvious transformation to email address). If it would be more helpful for me to go through the steps I take to create or transform a pattern, I could do that as well. Just ask! The FedEx truck and people who wanted free furniture showed up, so I'm almost home-free at this point.


  1. sweet! i love the way your sahara turned out, btw. amazing. i was reading your mods yesterday and was just dumbstruck. i wish i knew how to do fitting like that on myself. i just can't visualize any of that. i'll read those tutes and try, though. good luck with the move--brilliant fedex choice!

  2. I hope the move goes well. Those things are seldom fun, but maybe it will be since you've opted for a lower stress version. Except for the kitty part. Don't know how to do low stress on kitty moves.