Thursday, May 10, 2007

My goodness, I'm knitting from a pattern

I've wanted to knit along with the Sexy Knitter's Club for a while, but quite a few people there seem to have a predilection for bra-unfriendly designs. Given that I (and probably everyone around me) would be happier if I wore a bra, I waited until Sahara came along. (Yes, I'm knitting from a pattern. Kinda.)

I've been knitting away at it in my last week of work (I'm now temporarily unemployed, pending the move to CA), during endless discussions about how to move (scorched earth option), and kitty's dentist appointment (he now has one fewer tooth, but all the drugs). (BTW, the muffin-top look is an optical illusion. I even checked after squinting at this picture for a while.)

Changes to the pattern:

  • Gauge. Knit with Silky Tweed at a smidge over 5.5 stitches per inch
  • Neckline. Closed off the neckline early for (I felt) a more flattering look on me and ease in bust adjustments.
  • Bust. Added quite a few extra stitches in the bust and a short-row dart.
  • Waist. Nipped in the waist more than on the pattern, and adjusted the seam decreases/increases to reflect this and the extra room in the bust.

Hey, for me, this is following a pattern!


  1. Where's the finished object from the other night? eh?

  2. Nice looking so far. And congrats on the new job!
    Bunny hugs,

  3. Shaping looks good! Congrats on your new move and job.

    I left a comment about your short row tutorial too. Please read.