Saturday, May 05, 2007

Please, no more frog for Phrog!

I'm hoping that I don't jinx myself by posting this, but I think I've finished the knitting on Phroggy. (See, spirits of knitting screwups, I said "think"!)

Phroggy now has sleeves with a pair of cables twisting in a helix around the arm. (Each arm has a different direction of spiral and and different direction of cabling.)

The sleeve is a rather odd raglan. The body is a standard decrease-every-three-rounds raglan, but I wanted something that fit my shoulder and followed the line of the body. I measured the distance around my shoulder (raglan-line to raglan-line) in several spots and simply interpolated between them to design this sleeve. I put a few stitches at the armpit (blue marker) to form the underarm, knitted straight for a while, then did a decrease-every-two-rounds decrease for the remainder of the cap. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works post-blocking, but it seemed to be fine pre-blocking.

Once Phrog dries, it'll have its seaming (har) moment of truth. Then I may need to take some of those increases out of the bust, because I've lost a bunch of weight. Perhaps it will be an appropriate temperature to wear Phrog at New Hampshire Sheep&Wool, which will be my very first S&W ever. I'm a woman on a mission, so Lucy said she'd help me avoid doing something terminally stupid. (No, I'm not buying another spinning wheel. Yet. Plus, I don't think Lucy would consider that terminally stupid.)

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  1. Haha, do you have a gremlin too? My mother once made the mistake of saying very assuredly that we were going to the Southern Women's Show.

    Yeah, hurricane Hugo decided to come all the way to Charlotte, NC (nowhere near the coast) to ruin our plans. We were expecting a hurricane to make landfall, but we sure didn't expect to be in the eye of said hurricane!

    Now as an adult I can't say anything without adding "I think," or "hopefully," or "if nothing bad happens"... Because of course that wasn't the only time the gremlin struck.

    P.S.- Your Sahara came out wonderful! I have the pattern and seeing everyone's version of it is driving me batty. I finally ordered the yarn if it would just get here already. Did you really find additional short-rows necessary for the bust, with all the shaping in the pattern? I was hoping I wouldn't have to tweak this pattern.