Saturday, June 09, 2007

New knitter

New knitta on the block! chialea and krista were nice enough to let me come in, despite the HUGE gamble that I might turn out to be the kind of person who makes buttonholes really badly or something. Thanks to them for being so nice.

It felt appropriate to start with a picture of my stash, so... this is my stash. See the book of Aran stitch patterns, and those two giant cones of very sheepy aran-weight wool? Yes, I thought you did. :)

If you wonder how it is that I even have a stash already, it's because chialea gave me basically everything (the yarn, not the books). And that same event explains the sweater pieces -- this has some sort of tragedy behind it involving a person discovering she is pointy person, and not tubular person. And so now pointy person makes beautifully tailored pieces and tubular person gets to practice the finishing stages of a sweater without making all the stockinette. Tubular person is selfishly happy about this.


  1. Welcome! I am going to have to finish something soon and post, or you guys are just going to forget about me :)

    Isn't that wrappy? I thought wrappy was perfectly designed for pointy-ness. Hmm.

  2. Thanks for the welcome! Yes, do join in -- or just be like me and post your knitting opinions. No need to actually knit anything to do that. :)

    The sweater is wrappy. Maybe not wrappy enough, so that it would have gapped open to the sides too much? Honestly, I'm not sure.