Friday, June 15, 2007

Moving: the other end of the story

Well, I've survived the start of my new (and rather fabulous) job, my sister's (four day long) wedding, and the preliminary stages of the move. If you remember my Boston apartment, my California apartment will look rather familiar.

Until we manage to obtain some furniture, we've been staying with my parents and their impressively underfoot dog.

I've been having fun at work, though. I swear it's not (just) because of our trip kayaking and to the aquarium just after I started working. Does anyone know if these jellyfish tangle irreparably like this in the wild?

I have been knitting, which I'll show you later, but I must have felt very insecure without my stash. I ran right out to my new LYS for some sock yarn and Pieces of String for some aqua flax.

I'm in a colour rut and I'm loving it!


  1. I'm so glad you survived the move! I dyed your yarn. I was thinking about bringing it to you on my way back from Korea when I have an 11 hour (ugh) layover in San Francisco. I think I'll just mail it to you, though. Want to get together during my layover? I'll be there kicking my heels on July 29.

  2. Wait, are you here on the Monterey peninsula? That looks like a Monterey Aquarium jelly...

    (Congratulations on surviving the move, at any rate!)