Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sale madness

It took me a few days to recover (and knit another quarter of Mermaid's body), but I'm back to report on Full Thread Ahead's sale. I've never been to a sale where there was not only a line but rules as well. My fiance amused himself by carrying this entire load in one hand by looping hanks through other hands, putting his fingers into balls, and balancing books on top of the whole mess. The performance was so impressive that I guess I have to marry him now.

Krista, don't worry, I didn't forget to get you a little something. That's Artyarns in handpainted stripes (which I've never seen before but looked like it would make nice socks) and some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in a colourway sedate enough for lawyer-wear.

I couldn't resist this fingering weight hemp yarn. I have some ideas for this, but I won't show sketches until I work the details out a bit more and have actual sketches. I'm thinking sculptural lace in the blue, trimmed in the chocolate, closed in the front with loops over paired buttons. Don't bother looking at the store for either colour; I bought em out of those. If this works well, I'm thinking of trying some linen and wool/hemp blends.

I've been buying a bit of brown for my burgeoning work wardrobe, so I thought I'd need to make a wrap to go with it. This very, very soft cobweb/laceweight is a nice maroon-brown. It's fuzzing a bit in the ball from all the fondling, but I'm not too worried about that once it's turned into lace. It was such a nice price at 40% off that I had to get a little black as well...

I had a few little unplanned indiscretions as well... I haven't started in on the books yet, because I'm still reading Gravity's Rainbow (which is, btw, amazing).

I'd better get back to my thesis and Mermaid. My step-grandmother is going to steal mine unless I come up with some wool for her to make one (who knew she knit?), so I'm crossing my fingers that the shade card I ordered gets here soon. I'd be less nervous if she didn't want it in "exactly the same colours", even with the 151 colours of shetland jumperweight that Jamieson and Smith's offers.


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