Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sale day

Hey Krista,

I'm just dropping you a quick note before I head over to my CA LYS's 40% off all-you-can-carry-in-two-hours sale. I have my eye on some laceweight and I need to pick up some needles. What for, do you ask? I picked up enough Cherry Tree Hill fingering superwash in Burgundy (a much nicer colour than it shows there, by the way) for a whole top. This is an actual colour of red I can wear: a luminous cool red that goes with the whole panoply of neutrals. What inspired me to knit an entire top out of fingering-weight wool?

Eunny did. My tastes in design run largely along the same lines as hers, but slightly more towards the spare and elegant. (I attribute this to the fact that I'm a rather taller person than she is. I can't pull off the "cute" aspects as well, but some other design features look good on me in compensation.) Many of the design ideas she's been showing are along the same lines that I've been thinking, but this one was both new and so perfect for work that I decided to make my own version. I'll be changing a few things, of course: the fake seams, the cabling at the midriff, the shoulders, the material, the bust... Still, thank you very much, Eunny. I'll still buy the book when it comes out, even if I knit my own versions beforehand. :)

I also wanted to note a red-letter day: I finally finished off a ball of the ivory wool on Mermaid. It took more than half the body to do so. The more I knit this, the more I like it. It's a nice TV knit, and it's pretty mindless. I think I may knit it again in brown-black/black/ivory, with some of the shaping tweaked to fit me better, and maybe felt it a bit to make it more windproof.

I'd better go swatch for the top before I run off to the sale, but I'll be sure to pick you up some of your favorite sock yarn. Byee!

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