Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sucking less at: swatching

Today's post is about how swatching saved me from a big waste of time, and how I'm somewhat cranky about that. First things first, though: 7:30pm, Te Cafe on Murray, be there or be knitting squares.

Last night I swatched for a new sweater I've been envisoning (yes, I know I haven't finished the last two yet, but I was indulging myself), shaped with sculptural cables. This swatch is in blue Silky Tweed. It's a nice, soft, drapey yarn that doesn't seem too delicate and cables easily. The problem? Insufficient stitch definition.

I may use the yarn in a pre-written pattern, but first I'm trying to get a little inspiriation. Any suggestions for a lightweight blue tweedy spring-summer-fall sweater? I think my crankiness might need to take a trip to my LYS. If Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran (in Opal) came in a DK weight, I'd be all over it for the cable-y sweater I plan, but my half-baked plans have been foiled.

I do finish some things, at least. To wit, two completed mittens. The wrinkles in them are not tension problems in my stranded knitting, but wrinkles from my using them as little mitten hand-puppets. Yes, I'm easily amused. Anyway, I think they turned out just fine. Now all I need to do is retstrain myself from giving them to everyone I know, and buy some more #1/#2 needles, so I can make them in sizes other than "freakishly tiny". I don't think anyone other than me and my mother would appreciate them in that form.

Kitty has been trying to help dry my wet wool. Considering that one of the reasons I wash it is to remove some of the cat hair, this is somewhat counterproductive. I've tried to explain this to him, but he's playing dumb.

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