Friday, May 12, 2006

Knitting the Geek, Part 2

Today at my LYS I got to fondle the new book Knitting Nature. Now here is a woman who managed to get paid for knitting some rather geeky stuff (for pictures, see Grumperina's review). Some of this is even wearable, like the Pentagon Pullover that Grumperina is knitting. I have to admit, I have my own plans for the Pentagon Pullover, but I fear they are going to involve either: (a) getting someone to do a custom dye job or (b) freaking out both my fiance and the cat by trying to figure out how to do this custom dye job myself. Something to note about knitting nature: this is not a book with patterns for small people. I am somewhat too small for most of the patterns in this book, and I don't think of myself as a particularly small person. However, this is easily fixable by knitting the patterns in DK-weight rather than a heavy worsted.

The point being, this is geek knitting. She uses forms from nature to make bits of all sorts of garments. Many of these garments expose random bits of skin, and don't really conform to the forms from nature that make bodies differnt from tubes. Still, how can you resist cable patterns that look like liquid in a funnel or mittens that look like spreading chemical reactions?

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