Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No second mitten syndrome here!

I continued work on the second mitten at day 2 of my fiance's graduation. This one was still deathly boring, but enlivened by a robotic bagpiper and a goody bag of small toys.

Still, the mittens marched on. After I finished the second mitten

I played around with them until it became abundantly clear that they're not particularly useful without thumbs.

So say hello to Mr. Thumb!

And just to show you that my brand-new stranded knitting hasn't been too terribly uneven, here is the inside of the mitten, woven-in ends and all. I do think that on my next pair (of course there'll be a next pair -- I have yarn, but I'm waiting on Amazon for a book of patterns) I'll use something more sturdy as a cuff; garter stitch is already getting stretched out from all the tugging on it.

Please excuse the general crappiness of my photos and the colour tinting that I've had for a while. Photoshop is being recalcitrant. I don't really want to run The Gimp on a Mac, but I'm running out of options that don't involve reprogramming with a sledgehammer.

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